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National collaborations (currents and past)

  • Prof. dr. H. Ghorashi, Free University of Amsterdam
    Collaborative research on migration and civic integration of migrants and refugees in the Netherlands.

  • Prof. dr. E. Tan, University of AmsterdamCollaborative research on brain, emotion, movies and games, resulting in collaborative research grants, summer school organizations, and co-­supervision students.

  • Prof. dr. V.A.F. Lamme, University of Amsterdam
    Collaborative research on low-­level computer and human vision, resulting in scientific publications, research grants, and co‑supervision of Ph.D. students.

  • Dr. S. Bohte, Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)
    Exchange of code and data in the context of developing biologically plausible artificial neural networks for computing low-level natural image statistics.

  • Prof. W. Niessen. Erasmus MC Rotterdam
    Collaboration on functional representation and stochastic analysis of 2D and 3D medical image segmentations.

  • Prof. Dr. Ir. M. Viergever, Utrecht University
    Collaboration on non-­linear registration of anatomical structures and medical images, resulting in exchange of code and software packages.

  • Prof. dr. ir. F.A. Gerritsen, Philips Medical Systems
    Joint effort to develop intelligent interactive segmentation methods for 2D and 3D medical images. Tools have been incorporated in Philip’s EasyVision system.

International collaborations (currents and past)

  • Prof. U. Hasson, Princeton University
    Cooperation on the analysis of neural, emotional, and computational responses to movies. This has resulted in the exchange movies and a range of neurphysiologcal responses to these movies (EEG, iEEG, fMRI).

  • Prof. dr. J. Gallant, Berkeley University
    Cooperation on reconstruction of natural images based on fMRI data. This has resulted in the exchange of code for large-scale fMRI data analysis and for natural image statistics computation.

  • Prof. dr. C.C. Jaffe, National Institutes of Health
    Joint research on medical image retrieval approaches, resulting in scientific publications, exchange of code and data.

  • Dr. R. Long, National Library of Medicine
    Combined development of methodologies for interactive browsing of large medical image data sets. We have combined these into a tool for browsing the NHANES database containing over 17000 X-­‐‑rays.

  • Dr. Bharat Rao, Siemens Medical Systems.
    Joint effort to develop concept-­based medical image retrieval methods. This resulted in a research grant.

  • Prof. dr. J. Duncan, Yale University
    Combined development of deformable model methods for medical image segmentation, resulting in two long-­‐‑term visits 

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