I am interested in the intersection between human vision and computer vision: cognitive vision. Cognitive vision strives to understand how we make sense of our visual environment by combining low-level cues (depth, color, texture, ...) with high-level prior knowledge (expectations, preconceptions, ...).


In human vision, an established scientific approach to cognitive vision is to study human brain and behavior in a controlled environment. It is increasingly becoming clear, however, that cognitive vision can only be fully understood in a proper context: the natural environment.


This is where computer vision has provided an important step forward by showing that subtle but computable patterns or biases in our natural environment underlie a quick and dirty first impression of our visual world. The human brain seems to use the same quick and dirty - biased - approach in vision (and in emotion and cognition in general).


My main research objective is to advance our understanding of the human machine by relating computational, behavioral and brain responses to natural pictures and movies.

"De kennis van nu", a Dutch TV program highlighting science to the general population, will feature our face recognition research in its next episode. This episode  aired on Wednesday April 8 2015 at 19:20 (NPO 2) under the header: "Do computers recognize faces like humans do".