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In 2014 I laid the foundation for an educational and social program  at the Amsterdam University College for young bright people who had to seek refuge in the Netherlands from war and violence.  Students, staff and management  worked together to build a sustainable and effective program for these young bright people, which resulted in what is now known as the Right2Education foundation and the Isahac Teweldemedhin Scholarship for refugees.


 In June 2018, Right2Education presented its practices at the Together summit in New York. This summit was organized by the United Nations Academic Impact Initiative, and aimed at changing the negative narratives that so often surround refugees and migrants. Right2Education was voted as best  practice at the summit, and the United Nations Academic Impact  disseminated AUC's Right2Education initiative as a model around the world. 

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The Isahac Teweldemedhin Scholarship  aimed to suppory refugees in the Netherlands with a formal status to pursue a Bachelor's degree in liberal arts and sciences at the Amsterdam University College.  The scholarship  amounted to 2 scholarships per year for 2 students of maximum 5K Euro for the duration of 3 years.

AUC alumni and co-founders of Right2Education , Ellen Akroyd and Ellen ten Dam, explain the importance  and  implementation  of academic and social programs for both Amsterdam University college  and refugee students.

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