I am chairman of Stichting Boost. Boost facilitates interaction and cooperation between local residents and refugees as a means toward a fully-fledged position for refugees in Dutch. The foundation organizes , amongst other things, housing, meeting places, language classes, courses, dialogues and start-ups, all of which are focused on inclusive integration. The Foundation also researches and develops concepts for local civic integration and an inclusive society.

I am boardmember of Stichting Civic is committed to improving the Dutch civic integration policy for refugees and other newcomers. The foundation aims at 1) collecting and stimulating socio-scientific and legal research into the outcomes of the current policy and 2) providing proposals for better integration policy for newcomers.


I am member  of the supervisory board of the PCOU Foundation and the Willibrord Foundation. These two foundations together manage a total of 41 elementary and secondary schools in the Utrecht area, serving over 20.000 children and 2000 teachers. My portfolio: social innovation and technological inclusion, with focus on privacy, big data, personalized learning, artificial intelligence and social diversity.

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